Friday, July 2, 2010

KhairunShop Giveaway

Huhhuuhuh!!today is last day!! baru nak join..sempat lagi nih..

Will be end on 2 July 2010

4 EASY steps
1) be KhairunShop follower- DAH
2) Post about this Giveaway on your blog and and link this post-DAH
3) Add link on your blog list-DAH
4) Leave your link comment on this post and choose ONLY 1 PACK (CRAFTER PACK or CRAFT LOVER PACK)- NAK CRAFTER PACK..

- 4 design grosgrain ribbon (0.5 meter/each)
- 2 pcs headband
- 5 pcs split rings
- 5 pcs 2.3 cm round back pins
- 5 pcs 2.0cm brooch pin
- 5 pcs 4.5cm alligator clips
- 5 pcs white tiny alligator clips
- 2 sets 4.5cm snap clips and covers
- 20++ assorted colours and shape buttons

- flower headband (yellow red)
- pink rabbit hp charm
- white head rabbit hp charm
- blue face coin pouch
- blue monster bookmark
- 10pcs flower snap clip
- 2pcs duck (glow in the dark)

saper yg belum join,cepat ye..hari ni last day..

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